10th Anniversary Pledge

As your pastors, we pledge to you today, September 11th, 2021 ....

before God, to give you our very best. To love and cherish each one of you in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer and to serve you with everything we have been given. Our desire is that we “LIVE LIFE TOGETHER”, to be real, and to be connected heart-to-heart to each other and to the heart of God as we embark on this marvellous journey as RIVERSIDE COMMUNITY CHURCH.

The RIVERSIDE COMMUNITY CHURCH that we see will always be a community where its greatest asset is PEOPLE.

People like you, who are magnificent channels of blessings that flow to each other and to those   around us.

RIVERSIDE COMMUNITY CHURCH will be a house of God that resounds with laughter and fun, beautiful, passionate praise and worship, deep, powerful prayer and a message so anointed that lives are transformed through the power of God’s Word and potential is fulfilled through the moving of the Holy Spirit EVERYTIME we come together in this place!!

RIVERSIDE COMMUNITY CHURCH will be a place that cares, shares and offers HOPE to the hopeless.  Where it’s okay to cry together, laugh together, make mistakes, learn and grow, and in the process, become a community of faith and light that is a little bit of “heaven here on earth”.

A place that embraces, empowers and releases ALL generations.

It will be a church so compassionate that people are drawn from impossible situations into a loving, accepting family and then pointed to JESUS – Jesus, the ONLY answer for the world today.

RIVERSIDE COMMUNITY CHURCH will be a house that is full of warmth, laughter, celebration,   passion and unparalleled unity.

It is a place where men, women, children and youth are a living, breathing expression of Jesus.



We declare that Jesus is LORD in this place and in our lives! The welcome mat is out and our arms and hearts are open to “freely receive and freely give”.

So, let the adventure begin!!